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New Campaign: Regent Street Courts and Park

After nearly 50 years of neglect, the Regent Street old tennis courts are getting a well-deserved makeover. Alumnus Ken Saiki '72 has contributed a beautiful design for two basketball courts and a community space. View renderings for this project below.

The Madison Metropolitan School District is providing enough funds for a basic refurbishment, but to create a space that the school, the students and neighborhood deserve will require the supplemental funds from private sources including alumni, parents and friends.

The timeline is tight and the project will be done in Summer 2011.

Gifts can be made online to the Madison West Capital Campaign Fund or by contacting the Foundation for Madison Public Schools. Please specify "PASS THROUGH FUND" and "WEST CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FUND".

Additional questions can be directed to Martha Vukelich-Austin '75, President of the Foundation for Madison's Public Schools. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Most gifts usually eligible for Corporate Matching Gifts.

Checks payable to: "FMPS - Madison West Capital Campaign"

FMPS • 455 SCIENCE DR, STE 130 • MADISON, WI 53711

P: 608.232.7820 • F: 608.232.7822


Perspective: Regent Street View

Various Elevations: Regent Street Courts & Park View




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