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East is First: West Way Behind

The Foundation for Madison Public School's helped establish an endowment for every public school in Madison. here are the results so far of the top 18. Want to make a gift through the Foundation for Madison's Public Schools? Designate the Madison West Endowment Fund.

East High $108,909

Spring Harbor $79,464

Cherokee $73,409

Shabazz $71,889

Thoreau $64,013

Hamilton $54,284

Lapham-Marquette $53,948

Memorial $50,400

O'Keeffe $44,706

Shorewood $42,712

Franklin-Randall $42,460

Mendota $41,756

Midvale-Lincoln $41,695

Muir $38,446

Sennett $34,921

Sherman $32,976

Hawthorne $32,890

West $31,469



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