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Hello Randall Alumni,
Did I miss a recent milestone celebration?
Or is there one coming up soon?

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Hello Anne Burkholder!

Not that I know of. But since there will be a West High 35th, I think it would be nice to get whomever comes and also went to Randall to get together maybe at the Hoyt picnic or something. Shall we be a group of two to start out? Erik Dahl may be coming back from CA for the West reunion and I'm sure would want to join us.
Once the reunion schedule is set we can see where a Hoyt Picnic might fit in. Or we could get a "Randall" banner or sign and just try to gather us all at one of the other events. Also a button or other Randall identifying pin for us? In any case, it would be great to see you, Erik and all the other Randall kids!

the big event was 2006 school year. the 100th birthday of randall. it was a really fun year, especially for me! they had also had a big party for the 90th. can't wait for the next one!




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