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OK - both of my  brothers have shared events. They have great memories for details. (Rolf Peter Darbo and Paul S. Darbo) I was the sister in between them. The Peter, Paul and Kari was easy to remember when Peter, Paul and Mary were popular.  My memory of Mrs. Kline is when we had to come up to her at the piano and sing a little so she could hear our voice.  Am not quite that shy anymore!!!  Kindergarten photo on the playground with David Walsh as my crush, Jefford's Dancing School, playing basketball in the winter when our hands froze with Johnny Heim and ice skating on the frozen lake at Vilas Park. In the 6th grade we had a talent show where 3 of us little girls put on grass skirts, danced and sang "I Want to Go Back to the Little Grass Shack in Kaelekapua Hawaii". Years later I went to that little shack while living in Kailua, Hawaii.  A favorite song that Tori Pohle and I made up when we were in the 5th grade and were to enter the building on the Regent St. was: "The 6th grade door saves time and energy" ... weren't the 50's a great time to grow up in Madison?



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Fun to read, Kari!  I was ten years behind you but the Jefford's were still giving dancing lessons.  Regrettably my conservative parents didn't let me attend, but I got over it. Now they would have.  I remember Mrs. Klein opening up class with a knowing smile and a flourish on the piano of the beginning of the "Happy Birthday" song, and you knew that some lucky boy or girl was going to have to sing a solo on their birthday!  In the mid-to-late 60's we all could enter via the Regent St. door.  However I remember only the 5th and 6th graders were allowed to ride bikes to school.  Living by VIlas Park, I chose in 4th grade to ride my bike to the little public library on Monroe St, one block down from the corner of Monroe and Grant Streets.  For the entire year I parked it there, then rode it back home during lunch, the left it there all afternoon until school was out.  All year...and never locked it once.




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