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Randall: There's a school at 10 N. Spooner Steet: Randall, it's Randall


Randall: There's a school at 10 N. Spooner Steet: Randall, it's Randall

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Announcing newFacebook page for Randall School alumni:

Hello folks.  I just received this from Healther Reader Botts: 


I didn't know about this group, so after our West High School reunion on Saturday, attended by a bunch of Randall School alumni, I started a Facebook Group called Randall School Alumni.  PLEASE join the group and notify the people you listed above also to join.  We are hoping to have a Randall School reunion sometime in the future, after we have gone to great lengths to find as many people as we can.  Thanks, Doug.  See you in the FB group, I hope!!  Sincerely,  Heather Reeder Bott 


So, since most people go to Facebook much more often than this West Alumni page, I encourage you all to join me in joining the Randall School Alumni Facebook group!

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Comment by Douglas Alexander on October 28, 2013 at 11:05pm

Rolf Peter, I returned to live in Madison in '97 after having been away for 27 years.  Randall is still very active.  It is now just for 3rd grade through 5th grade.  Not sure why it would be listed as former.  Their PTA is pretty active and the make a killing on parking cars in the playground during Badger home games.

Comment by Rolf Peter Darbo on October 16, 2013 at 11:49pm

The Madison West alumni page lists all the elementary schools.

Randall Elementary is listed as "Former" - Does anyone know what is going on?  It was active when I drove by while visiting Madison at end of Sept. this year

Comment by Douglas Alexander on October 1, 2012 at 12:52pm

Congratulations on 36 years, Beverly!  Boy you saw a lot of change.  Mrs. Klein was great.  Is she still alive?  How many years do you think she was there?  Tell me, do they still call the former library the "IMC?"  A classmate of mine, Scott Tibbets, and I were talking recently about how we thought that was a cool name instead of library.  Back in ~1968 it probably was.

Comment by John K Peterson on September 29, 2012 at 3:17pm


Thanks for the info on the song written in 1946. My brothers and I have always said we helped write that song in the 50's with Mrs. Klein, which apparently is wrong. It makes a good story however for our family.  

I'll keep this new information a secrete. Ha.

We sang this song all the time. Still do. Even sang it next to my brother's casket at his funeral. Several people chimed in with us. My brother loved this song.  I heard other people that day who didn't go to Randall and were friends of my brother say "They are singing that darn song again".

Welcome aboard. By the way I lived on Joss Ct next street below Van Hise right below the Madison West HS practice football field.


Comment by Beverly Lautz Haimerl on September 29, 2012 at 2:59pm

i just retired as Randall music teacher. I was there 36 years! But, I also went there from 1955-1962! lived on south Roby, top of the hill. my folks built that house on the corner. Mrs. Klein was my inspiration! all of my sibs went to Randall also, Bill, Don and Sue Lautz, and my parents were PTA presidents. way too many memories to even try to type up here! Fun to read the others. fyi, the randall song was written around 1946 by music teacher mrs, mouldi and 6th grade students. when i started teaching at randall the entrance had been moved, so i had the change the words to regent street.

if you have not been in the school for awhile, go in a look at the hundreds of alumni tiles! and, make sure you make one for yourself!

thanks for starting this fun site!

Comment by Douglas Alexander on May 4, 2012 at 1:34pm

Great comments and memories Paul.  I certainly agree too.

Boy I have happy memories of walking to school and also going home for lunch.  My Mom had a part-time job so I would be all alone for lunch.  I loved it:  I'd make grilled cheese sandwhiches or french toast and turn up "Herman's Hermits" really loud.  All the while I lived at 1414 Vilas St., right near the Indian Mound, a block from the zoo.  In the winter we created trails through the snow--fun memories.  FYI Paul and Rolf, after 6th grade we moved to 146 Prospect Ave, up the hill from you.  I had a paper route around that neighborhood--what a great place to live.

Comment by Paul S Darbo on April 29, 2012 at 10:46pm

Rolf is my older brother. I went to Randall from 1950 to 1957. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, called me up to the front of the class, had me get down on my hands and knees, and repeat after her: "I know my heart/Iknow my mind/Iknow that I/stick out behind." As a crossed-eyed kid with patches on his glasses, maybe she knew I was the one kid that would roll with it.

Like some others, I was also a Patrol Boy. However, the Captain and other leaders never let us think we were special - they were the special ones.

My fourth, fifth and sixth grade was made up of three classes, x-1(e.g. 6-1) for the "smart kids", x-2 for the normal ones and x-3 for the slow kids. That allowed for teaching the group at a pace they all could handle. And, if you didn't get it, you got to repeat the grade again. We need this back!

I also got my theater start at Randall. At some 6th grade show, I pulled the curtain. I tried my best to do it smoothly and exactly at the right time. Small roll, but not done right can disrupt the show. That was a good lesson, in theater, in life and in any service job one may have.

Comment by Stephen K Carter on April 28, 2012 at 4:31pm

As I recall, in the early 40's, Miss Fossbinder was our 4th grade homeroom teacher (I don't recall in which grade we started rotating subject classes to prepare for the the big transition to 7th grade). Miss Rule (as I recall) was 6th grade and Mrs. Rude(??) was principal.

My recollection of perks for student patrol went to getting to show up late for the first period after duty ... until the day I wandered in late and everyone was laughing because my fly was unzipped ... and I've now reached the age where that happens more frequently than it did then!)

Comment by Rolf Peter Darbo on April 28, 2012 at 2:47pm

A term jumped off the recent post by John:  PATROL BOY.  Yes, I was one of those too.  The white belt demonstrated so much power i could hardly contain myself.  Folding the belt into a square and wearing it on my waist was also a powerful symbol.  The memories are flooding back.  the auditorium where we had music lessons with Mrs. Klein was a special place for me.  I was interested in the theater from those days on.  I played Thumper in a production of Bambi.  Peter Zimmerman (the only Democrat in the school) played the Owl on a stepladder behind a cut out tree.   During the Christmas show one year I was simply not going to sit in the rear of the auditorium and sing with 20 or 30 other students in white shirts.  I found a way to get into the Christmas show.  I was one of the Wise Men to walk up the center aisle and offer a gift on stage.  Ever since those days I have been active in theater.  I met my future wife at the Burbank Little Theater.  I was the stage manager for "Anything Goes" and she was in the chorus.  We married a couple of years later at another theater in Burbank we helped remodel from an 8 lane bowling alley.  She is now a professional actress.

Douglas mentioned Mrs. Drews for Kindergarten.  I had her too.  My first day was terrorizing.  My mother delivered me to the hall outside the room.  I was wearing a red sweater.  I was so terrified that I rotated out of the sweater leaving my amazed mother holding it as I ran down the hall.

Spooner street.  We lived at the top of the hill of Spooner.  Where Spooner T'd into Prospect Ave....   that was our house.  More than once we had a car at our front door.

It's great reliving this stuff.  Keep it coming.

Comment by John K Peterson on April 28, 2012 at 12:55pm


We played all sorts of games, and I remember we played kick ball-baseball in the far back right corner of that very large play ground. Several of us participated in after school sports and the school was open on Saturday for movies, games and such. We went there most Saturdays.

I remember when I became a patrol boy and thought I was king!!

I also could go home for lunch and make it back in time. I ran both ways. A cold run in the winter. Then on the way home at the end of the school day we stopped at the "shops" on Regent and Allen for a soda and to put a nickle in those small jukeboxes that were on the wall at the soda fountain shop. We thought that was cool for sure!!

My cousin moved from Illinois to our area and I remember I told him we were going to the "shops" and also stop and get a drink at the "bubbler" that was right on the corner. He asked me what in the heck is a " bubbler". Imagine that.

At the High School some older classmates sold bubbler passes for a dime to the incoming junior high 7th graders until they got caught.

I am deep into history and genealogy is my hobby. I plan to write a book on my family and share some of these childhood memories. It would be a shame if we don't record them for our younger family generations to enjoy.  I could go on and on with my memories; some clear, some sketchy.

Enjoyed yours and Rolf's comments.


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