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Looking forward to the 2010 Reunion...

Is there anything that I could do from La Crosse to help with planning &/or implementation for the various events? Will be delighted to lend a helping hand to the effort.


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Thanks for your offer. Lots to do. Help us track down missing alumni (probably through brothers and sisters who went to West); increasing the % of alumni with known email addresses; we're also asking folks to take on event (help plan, confirm, oversee). We'll add you to the "team." - see under "Events." Thanks again, D
At the last reunion, there was some discussion about holding one or more Silent Auction events during the next reunion. Perhaps we could do one during the initial casual evening gathering, and another during the dinner. Proceeds from one could go toward the Ash Stret project, and the other to helping to fund future reunion plans. I would be willing to coordinate them during the reunion weekend.

Ahead of the reunion weekend, please, let me know when meetings will be held. With adequate notice, I should be able to attend. (Need to be sure to not give the dates to the scheduling coordinator for my nursing job, and also to arrange someone to cover my gallery while I'm away.)

Will be happy to also work on trying to locate "missing" classmates.

Thank you for doing so much to help us all stay connected.

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